The Panini Press

The Panini Press was founded on the pillar of offering simple, hand-made panini prepared with quality ingredients sourced locally and served in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. While we are a sandwich shop, we don’t cut corners or pre-make our panini, therefore, our sandwiches are always fresh. We love going the extra mile for our patrons because we truly do value each and every one of you! – Linda Skoczek, Founder

The Panani Press Goes “Locavore”!

What is a Locavore?
It’s not a carnivore, it’s not a vegetarian, it’s a person who eats fresh, local ingredients. The Panini Press uses locally grown produce and locally made ingredients whenever possible. “It’s all part of my passion for food and love of Michigan.” Local products are better for everyone; they are healthier, taste better and support local farmers and businesses.

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Open Monday through Saturday 11:00-7:00, Sunday 12:00-5:00
An Italian Eatery
28983 Woodward Ave. Berkley, MI 48072 - Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
Tuesday, May 5, 2015